About us…

We are a family with 3 young kids that had the vision to provide them with a solid understanding of their roots ,a global world view and exposure to inspiring African and African American heroes.I grew up in Zimbabwe and wanted to instill the values and traditions I was raised with.My husband, Herbert was passionate about teaching his favorite subject, history to his children.We wanted our children to know their roots,understand their culture and be proud to claim their HERITAGE!

As much as teaching them was essential,it proved challenging to consistently teach them about Zimbabwe,Africa and the world.We realized other parents had the same problem.

We came up with the Heritage Box to provide an engaging way for both parents and children to continuously learn about Africa, African American and Caribbean history and geography.

Our goal is:

-To develop an interest in travel, other cultures and people different from us

-Cultivate and maintain self-pride and confidence.

-Provide a good general understanding of the countries of the African continent

-Spark and maintain an interest in Black History.

Our Heritage Box subscription provides the opportunity for your children and family to really engage with their roots , history and broaden their world view.

Each box is specially curated to deliver a lasting impression and spark a deeper interest!
Our travel boxes (that you receive every other month )feature 100 % authentic African made souvenirs.They also introduce children to African authors.

We are passionate and very proud of the product we have created and look forward to sharing such a vital product with your family! Thank you for your support!

Trish Lewis

Founder and CEO

Meet our team

Herbert Lewis


Trish Lewis

Founder and CEO

Chris Gumunyu

Procurement Manager

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